Moodle? What is That?

Moodle is a learning management system - sort of a dry term for an incredibly powerful, fun, and maleable system for organizaing your online training department. Google that term just to see how much buzz surrounds it! will tell you more. Or you can attend the March 2011 meeting and hear about it from an expert, Denise Trujillo.

Moodle is the powerhouse behind the Alaska Distance Learning Network, akDLN for short. In the akDLN, adults can participate in classes both formal and informal. An informal training is called a community of interest - a place in which a group can safely interact and share ideas - with no final exam or attendance roster!

Moodle is used by businesses large and small, local and world wide. In 211 countries, Moodle is used and nearly 50,000 sites have been officially registered. Here is the spread as of March 2011:

implementations_map_graph.20110331 PHOTO

Think you could get more organized to control costs while improving training in your organization? Moodle might be the tool that you need. Contact us if you want to chat about this.